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 I am an Indian. There are happened a so many kinds of unbelievable strange incidents which may be seems blonder or you may say all these are my silly imaginations. But for me they are not. I strongly believe my death time is not yet arrived. I had such a thought after I saw the movie Final Destination. The theme of those movies is THERE IS A BIRTH FOR EACH AND EVERY DEATH. SO IF A BIRTH IS TO HAPPEN THERE SHOULD HAPPEN A DEATH.WE CAN READ THIS IN ANOTHER WAY SO THAT TO DEATH AND BIRTH ARE PROPORTIONAL.SOME KIND OF PROPORTIONS ARE CONTROLLING THE DEATH AND BIRTH.

Now come to my life. I was a person working abroad. I am only getting leave once in 2 years. It was in 2004 my first leave. I was preparing for my journey. Exact 4 days before I heard sad news that 30 people were died of a boat sank in river in my village. Now my next leave was in 2007.Exact 5 days before I came to listen another pathetic story that 30 people were died of another boat accident in my village.

Till now this amazing story was kept in my life and I was not able to find the mystery behind this. You may just discard as it was quite natural. But for me It was.

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