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Is palm reading real or fake ?

         Palm reaing was a part of ancient sciense . In olden ages the devolopemt was in its peak level but later the power of that scince was deterioted becasue the shortage of the handling people but instead arised a second catogory who were 99 % theives who were only with black eyes for money and wealth .

      So there are a lot of people world wide sitting with a banner palmreader genuine.But his or her ability or power to read is to know direct .Any palm reader can say anything about future and collect money . But the truth may be something.

       Palm reading is a devine job.Concidered to be only people with Gods blessings can do that.Becasue lines are written by Gods and only God allow people who is allowing blessed by him.

       So in my experince now a days those people who say I am a palm reader 99 % people are fake predictions.In this 21th century the devined people are very less .So dont trust the predictions blindly.

       But those people who are blessed ones are still genuine and sharp.They wont ask money .They only recive what you provide and belive to be that money is going direct to God.
        Most of the palm readers just study from some books and show your palm lines say this is your heart line this is your fate line this is your life line etc etc and say some thing about your life span your life style your health and wealth.but if some palm reader is powerful he can say even when you will die...!!!

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