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What is Birth Stars

             Here what I am going to introduce a typical concept of Hindu astrology .It’s the base of all human life. Some people may believe in this and some of them believe. Even though believe or none believe it’s the base of human life and exist. Whatever may be the total population of earth all people are only classified to 27 types? Each of these 27 types is called 27 birth stars. According to astrology a person is coming to this world by the influence of some stars somewhere in this universe. That particular person will express the nature of that star. Indian astrologers are predicted the characteristics of each stars. If we know the birth star we can say the whole general nature and character of that person. Each and every event can be predicted, what may be hard time what may be the marriage time, etc how may be the relations, how may be the business.  Etc. So if we know your birth star we can predict your life events future past and present. In India any day today activities are doing on basis of this birth star.Each birth star is given to each person on base of his birth day . He has to live by the guidelines provided by acharya (Guru) . He has to pray to his own god he has to look after his own tree , bird and animals ...

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