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What are the unbelievable things that happen in Indian temples ?

The following are unbelievable:
1.      There are hundreds of temples near your house, but you still pick to visit a temple far away just because it is the richest. Recently I saw a Telugu friend of mine, finding his way with difficulty to go to Padmanabhaswamy temple, Trivandrum. I asked him why, suddenly after so many years of not hearing about it, he wants to go to that temple. His answer “I just heard that the temple is richer than Tirumala, Tirupati”.  Apparently he thinks the rich temple will give some riches to him!!
2.      People waste hours on end standing in a queue only to be pushed away by the guards when they near the main idol to worship. In Tirumala it takes 8 hours of queueing to reach the idol and the time given to you to worship before you are pushed away is 15 seconds! I don’t know why people are crazy to go to that temple.
3.      In temples coming under the HR&CE ministry (especially in Tamilnadu), the Govt. take away the donations made in the “hundi” (donation boxes) and still do not conduct festivals properly in those temples. It is again the public who collect money and spend for temple festivals.
4.      It was only in Singapore, I could see the priests reciting the full slokas and doing archanas (ritual offering) with the complete mantras (the priest chanted the whole 108 names of the deity as per rules just for me, in Singapore). In Tamilnadu, India, a bunch of devotees’ tokens and offering are taken together and the whole 108 names are never chanted, half of it just skipped by the priest.
5.      In almost every temple, even in the so called disciplined Kerala, there are ways and means of bribing the security or the priests to jump the queue and reach the deity’s idol. I saw this even in Guruvayoor, Kerala.
6.      Every one including the devotees know that the light seen on the nearby mountain slope near Sabarimala, on January 14th is a man-made flame. But still the public is appalled when this fact was told to the judge in court, by one of the priests, during a hearing on a stampede case.

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