The Art of Palm Reading

                The Origin of palmistry was in India. It believes that it was by the Hindu monks lived in and on the valleys of Himalaya the great mountain who found the secrets written on our palm. They try to calculate a relation in between our life with the lines appearing on our palm. They said the lines on our palms alter among persons and the lines on our palms are not accidentally generated but it says a lot about our past future.

                This happened at least about 7000 thousand years before in the times of the extra ordinary people lived on globe. These Hindu monks have extra ordinary powers (Some more closure to say extra terrestrial).Indian sub continent was well famous all over the world in such cases of the extra ordinary activities abilities by these monks. A lot of people were come to India to know the secrets behind this .A lot of people try to study about the secrets behind this. After their study they tried to spread this news and the study materials in their own country. The monks with these extra ordinary powers were and still consider as Hindu Gods and they are still adored by Hindus. From our side (We human) we are living on earth with very very limited abilities, we inter act with our 5 sense organs only. We never realize at least the power of Mind. The concept of human mind is far beyond the concept of science.

               Hindus believe that human mind is a path towards GOD, and we can see him when we simply close eyes. According to us we live on this globe with our body. It’s visible. We have to do anything with our body. To get money we must work to get food we must work. Both needs for the survival of our body till death. The soul is believed to be living as a driver on our head just in the middle of our eye brows. The 5 sense organs are the 5 horses used to control the life on this earth. The God directly observe how each person live on earth through these 5 sense organs. Each and every thought he knows. Whatever we think what ever happen to our body is converted by the human mind and it is converted (modulated) to another dimension which The GOD is directly watch us from somewhere on universe.

              Each and every events are going to happen are believed to be already happened somewhere in universe. We are only living in present .But there is waiting a future for us. We are going to travel to that future. Whenever that future is written for us somewhere on universe that is automatically encoded on our palm. It’s really unbelievable and may be seems blonder to most of people. There were people before thousands of years who lives on the valleys of Mount Himalaya , they could read the lines and read the past and future very exactly and precisely. When time elapsed human lost the ability to read that lines and to predict the future. But the lines are still there. Before those monks were vanished from globe they wrote about these secrets on rocks and leaves to be helpful for their followers. The followers of these monks read and try to predict something .They may be wrong they may be right .But for a prediction these people don’t have the ability of the monks. So what I come to say is for and exact prediction we must have ability and direct bless from the GOD. We believe that we have that blessings to predict the future of any person. Other than the palm reading power some monks were got another abilities for face detection, Yoga, Mediation, etc etc

               During the prediction we can see the future of any people. What is going to happen in your life? If it’s good one let it happen but if it’s a bad even nobody will not able to tolerate to suffer. In that situation we Indian people ask for is there any remedy for that. Of course there is remedy to change your future.

               We find a remedy to happen anything in your life and not to happen in your life and we have remedy to happen only goodness in your life. But note that all these are only related to God power and if you are non believer you can only listen about what is going to happen in your life. Still if you are a non believer and If you have a strong will to believe in GOD we will make you believe by saying about your past happened in your life. After that we 100 % sure that you will start believe in GOD. But all and all above we also never believe that it’s not out ability which act in us but we strongly believe that GOD act through us and GOD need to say something about you. But He use our body for that Task







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