Do You Know What Your Astrology Sign Means?

Saturday, August 13, 2016- By Admin

The horoscope is a part of our lives, it's everywhere, in the papers, on TV and every day we hear something about it. People usually read thehoroscope for fun but it actually is an important tool that you can use to discover something about the people you meet.

Even if what they predict on each day isn't every time true, each sign characteristics match most of the times. There are 12 signs, each for every month separated into 4 elements: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ), Water (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces), Fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Air and Fire elements need to be independent and Earth and Water like to be protected and feel secured.

Aries - this sign is full of energy and likes taking risks. They are also self centered and impulsive. Impulsive and courageous you will usually see an Aries sky diving.

Taurus - lovable character, reliable and a good partner for life this sign can be jealous and possessive but if you don't mind that this is the best sign if you want to live a fairy tale.

Gemini- people under this sign are very smart and communicative, they love new situations and adapt well. They tend to be superficial in their actions and get nervous often.

Cancer- sensitive people with lots of emotions, Cancers are sympathetic but also very cautious in their actions. They can sometimes be very emotional and might cry often. Mood changes can make them often unbearable.

Leo - is an ambitious person who likes to take control and be their own boss. You should never try to control a Leo because you simply can't. They can be hard to put up with but when becoming friends they are loyal and generous.

Virgo- A great analyst, Virgo likes to learn about each aspect of every situation, they like details and want everything to be perfect. Maybe too perfectionist sometimes they can become very critic and tend to be conservative.

Libra- is a romantic person who likes piece and tranquility. Libra always tries to find a non fighting way to resolve their problems. They are easy to influence and very changeable.

Scorpio - is a powerful sign with a lot of passion. They love living on the edge but they are also very impulsive and mysterious. If you want to tell someone a secret the Scorpio is the best person because they can be reliable and keep a secret.

Sagittarius - it's very optimistic and likes philosophy and analyzing, but they can also be irresponsible and superficial.

The Capricorn - are very attentive and prudent and they never take any decision without analyzing the situation thoroughly. Also, Capricorns are pessimistic and tend have a negative thinking about anything.

Aquarius - an original character, people under this sign are excentric and love unique things. You never know what to expect from an Aquarius because they are unpredictable and sometimes very mischievous.

Pisces - is the best friend you will ever have. They are caring and compassionate and never think about their self before the others. They can be very secretive and easy to control because they tend to feel sorry for everybody.

These sings can help you determine each individual characteristic but they won't talk about their personality as each person is unique. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don't, not all the people are the same either. Try to find out yourself how the person really is and you shouldn't take a decision only based on the horoscope because you can be wrong.In India even scintists also make decition after checking the horoscope

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The Mystery of Tarot Cards

Saturday, August 13, 2016- By Admin

Since ancient times, many people have utilized the Tarot for divination, fortune telling, and metaphysical applications of all sorts. The practitioners of the mystical have used the Tarot as a metaphysical toolbox with various uses.

For some individuals, who are only "lightly" into the more superficial practices of the occult, the Tarot is treated almost like a game. Gatherings of these pseudo occult enthusiasts may gather on weekends and "deal the tarot" in places and settings as innocuous as coffee shops and slumber parties. This is, it would seem, what the Tarot means to many high school age girls and certain hipster twenty-something's.

Other individuals, who have invested more of their spiritual time and energy into the occult and the practice of metaphysics usethe Tarot as a tool for reflections into one's personal and "inner life" as well as an aid for meditation and contemplation. When used in the former respect, the Tarot serves as the diviner's symbolic language structure for communicating with the invisible intelligence(s) on the metaphysical plane. When utilized in the latter respect,the Tarot's symbolism is utilized in less direct ways, instead lending it's symbolism to abstract thought processes and as a catalyst for the state of mind sought after by those who have experienced the transcendental mind states of self induced hypnotic and meditative trance.

If you would like to learn more about the Tarot and what it has meant to many different cultures, religions and pseudo religions, you should look into Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot literature, as they present a lucid yet metaphysical introduction into the spiritual world that is explored and manipulated using the Tarot card deck as the catalyst or gateway. There are also numerous websites on the internet that go into greater detail into the explanation and description of the workings ofthe Tarot system.In India this one is not so famous

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Find Out What Astrology Can and Can't Do for You

Saturday, August 13, 2016- By Admin

Almost everyone worries about the future at one point or another. We become uncertain about income, relationships, and health, and we do everything in our power to ensure positive outcomes. When personal strength fails, some people decide to turn to astrology and stargazing in hopes of learning more about what lies in their path and what they can do to prepare for it.

If you are thinking about calling a 900-telephone line for advice, keep in mind that anyone can set up shop as a horoscope reader, and there are many scams in place on the Internet and in the yellow pages. Think about it: anyone who could really tell the future could make a pretty good living by working for government agencies, wealthy clients, and serve their own interests through investments and gaming. The vast majority of people purporting to tell thefuture share very little personal information with a client, but tend to make more generalized statements, like "Happiness is in your future" or "You will lose a loved one in the foreseeable future." Does "foreseeable" refer to one week or ten years? Without detailed facts, no one should seriously consider the advice of someone with untried or unproven claims.

With that in mind, though, there do seem to be those who have a sixth sense in understanding much about a person they have just met. Sometimes these people can make claims that seem very close to reality, which, when they come to pass, fit the interpretation offered by ahoroscope reader.

If you are thinking about consulting a medium, or fortuneteller, about your future, here are some things to consider when selecting a person to contact:

1. How long has the person been reading horoscopes? Has she lived in the immediate area for a long or short time? Does she live in a place that betokens someone making a successful living?

2. Where did the reader learn her skills? Who trained her? When did she realize she had second sight? Does she get ongoing training or study? Have her skills improved over time?

3. Can the person tell her own future? How has that worked out for her? What has she learned about herself and her clients in practicing this skill?

4. With what degree of accuracy can the teller predict your future? Can she offer immediate insight that will prove her claims? Are there client referrals that you can check with to see if their predictions came true?

5. Ask about the teller's methods. How does she see into the future? How reliable is her methodology?

Take specific questions or areas of your life that you would like to ask about during your consultation. Write down the teller's specific words or phrases so you can check for accuracy later.

If you believe that you have encountered a scam, don't hesitate to report it to the Better Business Bureau to help protect others from falling victim to the scam artist.Its your duty

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Introduction to Numerology

Saturday, August 13, 2016- By Admin

Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect and correspond to everything else in the whole cosmic plan. This is because numbers are the reliable language system through which the universe is made understandable, and thus the root numbers from 1 to 9 has a significant effect on everything around us, including we ourselves.

In numerology, each letter in the alphabet has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. The important sums in numerology to watch out for are the numbers in your birthdate and the sum of the letters in the name; when these two are interrelated, they tell a wealth of information about the person. These numbers show a great deal about character, purpose in life, motivations, strengths, fears, talents, and many others. Experts in numerology use the numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Numerology is used to decide when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate. At best though, numerology offers a guide and a beacon to get us on the way; it doesn't dictate what will happen because at the end of the day, it is free will and bravery that matters.

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and metaphysician of the 6th century B.C., is said to be the originator of much of what we call numerology today. The actual origins of numerology pre-date Pythagoras, the most popular being the very old Hebrew Kabbala. In the 20th century, the old science seems to magically reappear in the form of a series of books published from 1911-1917 by L. Dow Balliett and it was helped along in the 30s by Florence Campbell, and within the next few decades a wealth of literature was available to the public. Indeed, if you look at the past 9 decades, it would seem that the science has moved very rapidly. But perhaps all of this was known at a much earlier time, and it was just hiding from us for a while.

All the nine numbers in numerology have their own essence. Simply from a person's birthdate stems all other important happenings of the past, present or the future that can be calculated through numbers. Nothing is beyond numbers and the stars, and in the believing heart.For some of them some numbers are best but at the same time some numbers are bad.

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Still Mistery

Friday, August 12, 2016- By Jerrin

 I am an Indian. There are happened a so many kinds of unbelievable strange incidents which may be seems blonder or you may say all these are my silly imaginations. But for me they are not. I strongly believe my death time is not yet arrived. I had such a thought after I saw the movie Final Destination. The theme of those movies is THERE IS A BIRTH FOR EACH AND EVERY DEATH. SO IF A BIRTH IS TO HAPPEN THERE SHOULD HAPPEN A DEATH.WE CAN READ THIS IN ANOTHER WAY SO THAT TO DEATH AND BIRTH ARE PROPORTIONAL.SOME KIND OF PROPORTIONS ARE CONTROLLING THE DEATH AND BIRTH.

Now come to my life. I was a person working abroad. I am only getting leave once in 2 years. It was in 2004 my first leave. I was preparing for my journey. Exact 4 days before I heard sad news that 30 people were died of a boat sank in river in my village. Now my next leave was in 2007.Exact 5 days before I came to listen another pathetic story that 30 people were died of another boat accident in my village.

Till now this amazing story was kept in my life and I was not able to find the mystery behind this. You may just discard as it was quite natural. But for me It was.

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how to read palm?

Thursday, August 25, 2016- By basanta

Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is practiced all over the world. It has its roots in Indian astrology and Roma fortune-telling.[1] The objective is to evaluate a person's character or future by studying the palm of their hand. Whether you're an aspiring palm reader or you're just looking for a fun way to pass the time and impress your friends, even you can learn to gain insight just by holding someone's hand.

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What are the unbelievable things that happen in Indian temples ?

Thursday, August 25, 2016- By Admin

The following are unbelievable:
1.      There are hundreds of temples near your house, but you still pick to visit a temple far away just because it is the richest. Recently I saw a Telugu friend of mine, finding his way with difficulty to go to Padmanabhaswamy temple, Trivandrum. I asked him why, suddenly after so many years of not hearing about it, he wants to go to that temple. His answer “I just heard that the temple is richer than Tirumala, Tirupati”.  Apparently he thinks the rich temple will give some riches to him!!
2.      People waste hours on end standing in a queue only to be pushed away by the guards when they near the main idol to worship. In Tirumala it takes 8 hours of queueing to reach the idol and the time given to you to worship before you are pushed away is 15 seconds! I don’t know why people are crazy to go to that temple.
3.      In temples coming under the HR&CE ministry (especially in Tamilnadu), the Govt. take away the donations made in the “hundi” (donation boxes) and still do not conduct festivals properly in those temples. It is again the public who collect money and spend for temple festivals.
4.      It was only in Singapore, I could see the priests reciting the full slokas and doing archanas (ritual offering) with the complete mantras (the priest chanted the whole 108 names of the deity as per rules just for me, in Singapore). In Tamilnadu, India, a bunch of devotees’ tokens and offering are taken together and the whole 108 names are never chanted, half of it just skipped by the priest.
5.      In almost every temple, even in the so called disciplined Kerala, there are ways and means of bribing the security or the priests to jump the queue and reach the deity’s idol. I saw this even in Guruvayoor, Kerala.
6.      Every one including the devotees know that the light seen on the nearby mountain slope near Sabarimala, on January 14th is a man-made flame. But still the public is appalled when this fact was told to the judge in court, by one of the priests, during a hearing on a stampede case.

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Who believe in Palmistry more ?

Friday, August 26, 2016- By Admin

              Even though palmistry was devoloped in India and other eastern countries it is not at all belive in these countries and its most of use is done by westorn countries.The primary evidence for this is case of my website.90 % of viewers are from U.S and U.K.There is a simple fact behind this.This fact is also accepted by our country itself.The fact is this.Even though these kind of activities were started in eastern countries most of the people are fed up with it and there are a lot of people here who never belive its result.But westorn country people started beliving in palmistry so widely and so widely accepted it. 

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What is Birth Stars

Friday, August 26, 2016- By Admin

             Here what I am going to introduce a typical concept of Hindu astrology .It’s the base of all human life. Some people may believe in this and some of them believe. Even though believe or none believe it’s the base of human life and exist. Whatever may be the total population of earth all people are only classified to 27 types? Each of these 27 types is called 27 birth stars. According to astrology a person is coming to this world by the influence of some stars somewhere in this universe. That particular person will express the nature of that star. Indian astrologers are predicted the characteristics of each stars. If we know the birth star we can say the whole general nature and character of that person. Each and every event can be predicted, what may be hard time what may be the marriage time, etc how may be the relations, how may be the business.  Etc. So if we know your birth star we can predict your life events future past and present. In India any day today activities are doing on basis of this birth star.Each birth star is given to each person on base of his birth day . He has to live by the guidelines provided by acharya (Guru) . He has to pray to his own god he has to look after his own tree , bird and animals ...

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Is palm reading real or fake ?

Saturday, August 27, 2016- By Admin

         Palm reaing was a part of ancient sciense . In olden ages the devolopemt was in its peak level but later the power of that scince was deterioted becasue the shortage of the handling people but instead arised a second catogory who were 99 % theives who were only with black eyes for money and wealth .

      So there are a lot of people world wide sitting with a banner palmreader genuine.But his or her ability or power to read is to know direct .Any palm reader can say anything about future and collect money . But the truth may be something.

       Palm reading is a devine job.Concidered to be only people with Gods blessings can do that.Becasue lines are written by Gods and only God allow people who is allowing blessed by him.

       So in my experince now a days those people who say I am a palm reader 99 % people are fake predictions.In this 21th century the devined people are very less .So dont trust the predictions blindly.

       But those people who are blessed ones are still genuine and sharp.They wont ask money .They only recive what you provide and belive to be that money is going direct to God.
        Most of the palm readers just study from some books and show your palm lines say this is your heart line this is your fate line this is your life line etc etc and say some thing about your life span your life style your health and wealth.but if some palm reader is powerful he can say even when you will die...!!!

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A Typical Palm Reading from Our Palmist

Saturday, August 27, 2016- By Palmist

       Those born with kind of palm are industrious, intelligent and reasonable. They are also symbolizes agreements and greetings as represented by the hand shake. The ruling deity, an aspect of the Sun, is jovial and carefree. They give the ability to use the hands in a skilled, crafty, or cunning manner. They can also be used for trickery and gambling. They have the power to give life so they can be associated with child birth and establishing a family. They are optimistic with an amazing capacity to create. Those born with this Palm have the ability to manifest an object of desire in their hands.


     THEY may have occasional failures. Their wealth and progress are initially unsteady. Success may be followed quickly by failure or regression. Although their intentions are honest, their manner might not be diplomatic enough. This could be a serious obstacle to their progress in life. Their financial progress is affected because of their various responsibilities and problems. However, if they feel that a certain task in beneath they, they will not do it, even if it will help better their situation. In spite of frequent annoyances, the relationships with will be generally happy. Life is pleasant to them. They should guard against committing their self to romantic involvements when they suspect the loyalty of their intended partner. But when the early hurdles are overcome, their marriage should be fairly happy. Nevertheless, there will be some problems relating to either their spouse or their children.

They are quick and have a gift for conversation. They will shine in sales or politics. They will succeed in whatever they set their mind to. they have good powers of memorization and retention that are the envy of others. They seek a wide variety of amusements. They are proud of their self and are never ashamed of anything they do or say. They have a captivating smile. they will be a valued member of their group of friends. Don’t expect unfailing gratitude from those they help. They have a clear sense of discipline in all their dealings. Be prepared for changes of luck in their life. They can be successful in positions of authority, and they can rely on their gift of gab to get them there. They are a good mediator.  This will come in handy in the home to settle disputes between their families.


Your best number is 13.You must a little bit keep distance from Fire .It will so suitable and will succeed in Founding an organization, Crafts, pottery, jewelry making, beginning activities, buying a home, inaugurations, performing ceremonies, giving to charity, diplomacy, trading goods, travel, moving . Unfavorable activities for them are Long term planning or activities require executive decision making, abnormal sexual activity, rest or leisure, or night time activities.

Avoid transactions and auspicious functions. Keep off from harming Buffalo. Take care not to cut the trees or its branches.

   They will get a peaceful life; no any tensions will worry, will acquire good education, and will have good life span of ages of 65.Will get a good job will marry at age of 27 will be well settled with a good financial background 

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Dont Try To draw any lines

Monday, August 29, 2016- By Admin

 Dont try to draw any lines on your palm is no usage.But see the pictures below ...Palm reading researchers  took the pictures of 3 people very special people of society . If need luck no use of drawing same like lines of lucky people.But its writting by we say some one from far away.He predicts everything everything we just walk along with the path where he draws on our palm.

If he say you are to become a criminal you will be..
If he say you are to become a Architecture you will be..
If he say you are to become a millionaire you wil be...

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What is Palmistry? Another Perspective

Tuesday, August 30, 2016- By Samkutty

 Palmistry - is a specular reflection of the brain hemispheres on person's hands, their internal structure (map of neural connections), of all information and processes in them.
And now in more detail. Lines, signs and patterns on person's hands - is the reflection absolutely of all the present, past and future information, which is located in neurons and neural network in the person's brain. Under all the information, I mean basic DNA and genetic information, personal DNA and genetic information, level of health, physical strength, psychological strength, talents, abilities, intelligence, character, sensuality, personal qualities, the love, signs of wealth, the potential of reproductive function and many other information, that is all the information which is located in neurone and neural network.
Right hand - is a reflection of right cerebral hemisphere. Left hand - is a reflection of left cerebral hemisphere. Fingers on right hand and their phalanx - is a reflection of sections (sectors) of the right cerebral hemisphere, which are responsible for definite functions. Fingers on left hand and their phalanx – is a reflection of sections (sectors) of the left cerebral hemisphere, which are responsible for definite functions.
Mounts (fleshy cambers) on palms reflect a sections (sectors) in cerebral hemispheres in which there are data about the level of hormones in the cells. Size mounts says about amount of hormones. Hormones which are responsible for characteristic of mounts.
Lines, signs and patterns are which are located on a palm and fingers – is a reflection of neural network, the scheme of neural connections, type of a neural network in brain. That is, is the visual map of brain on which reflected more than 100 billion neurons and trillions of neural connections in which is kept, is processed and is recorded data.

The fundamental is the human nervous system, which receives and processes information from environment and also coordinates and harmonizes functioning of all parts of the body - cells, tissues and organs. The nervous system is interconnected and is united with brain, in which are located neurons and neural connections. This is a whole, powerful system. Thanks to interconnection of nervous system with neurons and neural connections of the brain, is happening reflection on the hands of all the present, past and future information. Hands are an integral part of nervous system, have are nerve endings (nerves) and respectively neurons. Thus, nervous system the hands has the function "mirrors", reflection neurons and neural connections of the brain.

I will tell in more detail about work of brain, and more precisely about work of right and left hemisphere, their properties of storage, processing and recording data. Left hemisphere and right hemisphere it is two of interconnected processor. The left and right brain hemisphere of has identical structure, both hemispheres have neurons in nucleus of which there is DNA and genetic information. But work of these hemispheres absolutely differs and different feature storage, processing and recording data.
Primary DNA and genetic information, and also all the present, past and future information is kept in the left hemisphere of reinforced concrete and is fundamentally, it has the mechanism of protection against change and practically does not change. It is a fundamental is all the information that left hemisphere protects and even more, rejects new information and practically doesn't give supplemented and is rewritten data. The left brain hemisphere is not elastic and flexible. It contains the formed information and does not allow it change. It is that case, when person cannot perceive new information, happening negation of incoming information, practically cannot will change himself, it has dogmas, beliefs, worldview - and this role is played by left hemisphere. Left hemisphere rejects the arriving information and protects the existing information.
Right brain hemisphere works absolutely in another way. It is elastic, constantly is in this moment, all new information will be questioned and analysis. All new information enters the right hemisphere, in which is well is perceived, is processed, is recorded and is rewritten are information. Primary DNA and genetic information and also all the present, past and future information is kept in the right hemisphere elastically, is rewritten and is recorded, is amenable to strong change. The right hemisphere has no such of protective mechanism as the left hemisphere and is flexible, elastic, susceptible.
Information of left cerebral hemisphere it is reinforced concrete foundation which is interconnected with elastic information of right cerebral hemisphere. Information of the cerebral hemispheres an interconnected and is combined.
Therefore left hand reflects the reinforced concrete DNA and genetic information obtained from parents, that conclusively be formed in the process of growing up human.
Right hand reflects the changed data and personal DNA and genetic information. So to say present moment "here and now".
I will quote a figuratively example. Left cerebral hemisphere and left hand - is a house foundation and right cerebral hemisphere and the right hand - it house. Without foundation will not to be standing house and in house thanks to the foundation it is possible to build floors of the, rooms, to equip and fill internal expanse. Clean up the foundation and home will be destroyed.

Why Palmistry is science?
1. It is necessary studying of interrelation neurons and neural connections of the brain with nervous system of hands how is happening the specular reflection of the brain hemispheres on hands. Lines, signs and patterns - this reflection on hands, how neurons and neural communications look in of cerebral hemispheres, - so to say map, scheme.
That is, a line mind on hand - this outward appearance of communication of neurons, which have information about intellection and they are connected to the corresponding neurons which receive the relevant information from of cells in the human body and are responsible for the corresponding functions.
A line of life on hand - this outward appearance of communication of neurons, which have information about level of health, physical strength, psychological strength and they are connected to the corresponding neurons which receive the relevant information from of cells in a body of the person and are responsible for the corresponding functions
A line of heart on hand - this outward appearance of communication of neurons, which have information about sensuality, susceptibility, level hormones “of love” etc., they are connected to the corresponding neurons which receive the relevant information from of cells in a body of the person and are responsible for the corresponding functions.
And other lines are etc.
2. Is demanding more extensive study of values of lines, signs and patterns - their interpretation.
3. Is demanding creation of technologies by which possible to see micro lines, signs and patterns which are not visible to human eye.
4. Is demanding creation of technologies which directly will be able to read out the specular reflection, all information to the smallest detail, including basic DNA and genetic information.

Each palmist and person, who addressed to the palmistry services, knows that on hands is displayed lot of personal information - character, intelligence, potential, talents, the love sphere and children, the level health, physical strength, psychological strength, signs of wealth etc. That is, all individual information and of course she is located in the brain. Palmistry is demanding study of lines, signs, patterns and micro of lines. On today's put from all available information on palmistry possible to see about 70% of information of the brain hemispheres on hands.
Palmistry it is key to a brain, to greater understanding of his work. How he stores, processes and records information, what algorithm of his work? Which outward appearance the neural network have, how are located and integrated in brain? Sections (sectors) in brain - of their function?
Necessary the creation of technologies and computer programs which will be able to read out "specular reflection" and micro information on hands and display her to the computer for 100% of accuracy.

Palmistry it is key to the future. Of course, having started large-scale research, this science will receive another name, but not this main is and the main essence.
In the future will apply in medicine, because is possible will immediately to diagnose, see the future of the disease and prevent them.
In police and Judiciary system, because is possible to glance in brain and to see him previous actions and future the intentions, tendencies. To have 100% adjudication, he is guilty or not guilty.
In educational and professional sphere, where will be is seen on 100% what activities for the person better, where he will become professional.
In responsible professions, where the person is responsible for life of people, to establish whether he has tendency to commit the error and will make her.
And in many other areas of the human life.
Palmistry it a key to the brain – his the present, past and the future events and outcomes, to thoughts, to a better understanding of working of brain.

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How to take picture of Palm

Tuesday, August 30, 2016- By Samkutty

 I would like advise few basic things for people who are posting the photographs of their palms..
1. Avoid using a flash. Try tho take picture in daylight conditions.
2. Post picture of both palms. Thumbs should be clearly visible.
3. If possible, try to add the pictures of the back of the palms.
4. Try to give a feedback on the readings so that the person who is posting a reading of the palms can also improve. 

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